Building integrations shouldn't be this hard.

While working at our previous company, we had to build a ton of integrations—more than we can count. Every time we built an integration, there were two more that we needed to build.

"This is insane," we thought, "we can't keep spending engineering on integrations. We need to focus on making product features better. Is there a solution to give us readymade integrations to drop into our app?"

That question started our search for a better way to do integrations. We couldn't find a solution that would provide a great user experience to our users for managing integrations. At the same time, there were demands for even more integrations with more apps and for deeper integrations.

After three years of building integrations for ourselves, we decided to start Integry. We vowed that no engineer should suffer our fate. We would provide embeddable integrations for product teams. App builders could now shift much-needed time to their product rather than worrying about tens of apps to integrate with.

Our Leadership

M. Nash, CEO
Nash is a four-time founder who created Pakistan’s largest social network, Pring (which was acquired). As VP of Engineering at, he experienced the pain of building integrations firsthand. Previously, he worked as a Solution Architect at Ericsson.
Yasir Farooqui, Head of Engineering
Prior to Integry, Yasir headed integrations at, where he designed and architected integration frameworks. He is also visiting faculty at IIUI.
M. Asim Fayaz, Head of Product & Design
Before heading product at Integry, Asim built onboarding and integrations at Elementum and data collection tools at Premise. He built and scaled govtech at the  World Bank, founded a tech and design consultancy, and created Pakistan’s first SMS social network. MDP, UC Berkeley. BS, LUMS.

Our Board

M. Nash  
Nash is the CEO and Chairman of the Board. As VP of Engineering at, he experienced the pain of building integrations firsthand that led to creation of Integry
Brett Queener
Brett is Partner at Bonfire Ventures, active advisor and seed investor in Integry as well as a member of Board of Directors

Notable Investors