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Act-On is a marketing automation software platform that enables businesses to effectively manage their customer relationships and marketing campaigns. It offers tools for lead management, email marketing, and integrates with various CRM systems, allowing marketers to create targeted and automated marketing actions.,,,

Act-On is a comprehensive marketing automation platform designed to empower businesses with powerful tools for managing and optimizing their digital marketing efforts. It offers a user-friendly interface, enabling marketers to create, automate, and analyze multi-channel campaigns effortlessly. Act-On provides advanced features such as lead scoring, segmentation, and personalized messaging to target the right audience effectively. Its robust analytics and reporting capabilities help businesses track campaign performance, measure ROI, and make data-driven decisions. With Act-On, organizations can streamline their marketing processes, nurture leads, and drive growth through data-driven marketing strategies.

Using the Act-On connector, you can set up the following integrations.

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  • "Create/Update a template or draft in Act-On."
  • "Create/Update a contact in Act-On."

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