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Beehiiv is a digital platform specializing in email marketing and newsletter creation, offering visually appealing campaign designs and integrations with various apps like Discord and Shopify.,,

Beehiiv, crafted by the pioneers of the Morning Brew Team, empowers the world's top newsletters by providing an all-encompassing platform that amalgamates the best tools for newsletter creation, publication, growth, and monetization. The platform boasts the most potent editing and design tools in email, enabling users to launch media brands swiftly without requiring code. It facilitates the utilization of a suite of tools used by the world's largest newsletters, ensuring effective growth and scalability. Furthermore, it aids in monetization as if users have a full sales and revenue team on their staff, contributing to significant revenue generation for newsletters.

Using the Beehiiv connector, you can set up the following integrations.

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  • "Create/Update/Delete a subscriber in Beehiiv."


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