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CleverReach is one of the leading solutions for email marketing. It lets you craft highly engaging email marketing automation campaigns for your customers. With CleverReach, you can develop a personalized connection with your customers and stay atop in your industry.,,

CleverReach enables you to quickly achieve success in your email marketing campaigns. You can choose from the pre-designed templates or create your own designs to target your customers just the way you want. Manage your lists and user segments by designing personalized email campaigns for customers based on their geographic location, demographics, and interests, etc. You can also gauge your email reach by analyzing client email reports and improve your campaigns.

Using the CleverReach connector, you can set up the following integrations.


  • A recipient is created in CleverReach, do something in your app."

When something happens in your app:

  • "Create/update a recipient in CleverReach."
  • "Create/update an email campaign in CleverReach."

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