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Eventbrite is an online ticketing platform that helps businesses manage and sell tickets to local events.


Eventbrite was built to allow people to create, share, find and attend new things to do. From music festivals to marathons, to conferences and even gaming competitions. If you are hosting an event and you want an easy platform to use, Eventbrite might be for you.

Using the Eventbrite connector, you can set up the following integrations.


  • "An event is created/updated in Eventbrite, do something in your app."
  • "An attendee is created/updated in Eventbrite, do something in your app."

When something happens in your app:

  • "Get all attendees in Eventbrite.”
  • "Create/update attendee in Eventbrite.”
  • "Get attendee by ID in Eventbrite."

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