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JobNimbus is a cloud-based integrated CRM and project management solution suitable for small and midsize businesses,,,

JobNimbus is a smart sales CRM and a Project Management tool. It comes with an intuitive interface to make processes easy to learn and use. Save time, start working right away. A great tool to manage your contacts, projects, and tasks in one place. Automate your workflows, keep your team on the same page. Assign tasks to any team member you want, keep your data intact. Keep a close eye on your leads, products, and pricing. Manage your tasks and oversee the progress and performance of your team. Collaborate. Work faster. Work from anywhere. The contacts created automatically sync with Integry.

Manage your tasks, projects, sales and leads; all in one place through JobNimbus. Using our integrations add the ability to your app to: 

  • Sync and manage contacts with JobNimbus

Super-charge your software with delightful integrations

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