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Create your company's intranet with easy drag-and-drop tools. Manage your communications and align your business around your intranet and get things done faster.,,,

Create your company intranet with easy drag-and-drop tools. Manage all your communications efficiently and streamline your business with Papyrs . It comes with a built-in editor to design your intranet pages, custom forms, checklists and even you can build your internal knowledge base for your team. Decide whoever you want to share your content with, with Papyrs advanced security measures in place. Have a centralized place for communication, add discussions to intranet pages. With Papyrs you can align your business and communications around your intranet and get work done faster. The documents you create automatically sync with Integry.

Maintain your intranet as it grows. Using our integrations you can add the ability to your app to:

  • Manage your pages inside subsites

Super-charge your software with delightful integrations

The only integration tool you’ll need