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TestRail is a comprehensive test management software designed for QA and testing teams. It facilitates efficient test case management, test execution, and defect tracking. With robust reporting and integrations, TestRail helps teams enhance software quality, streamline testing processes, and deliver high-quality products on time.


TestRail is a comprehensive test management software that empowers QA and testing teams to efficiently organize, execute, and track test cases and projects. With its intuitive interface, it streamlines test planning, execution, and reporting, enhancing team collaboration and productivity. TestRail provides detailed insights into testing progress, helping teams detect and resolve issues swiftly. Its integrations with various testing tools and robust reporting capabilities make it an invaluable resource for ensuring software quality and delivering reliable products.

Using the TestRail connector, you can set up the following integrations.

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  • "Create/Update a test run in TestRail."

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