5 Tips From Integry on Remote Work Readiness Amid COVID-19

February 8, 2021

While the business world braces itself for the impact Covid-19 will have on work lives, Integry, a remote-friendly company, has been ready for it since its inception in 2017.

Integry team comprises of invaluable members from different parts all over the world ranging from small towns to metropolitan cities. One of the core reasons for Integry opting for being a Remote-Friendly Company is access to exceptional talent regardless of boundaries. And because of that approach, the Integry team is ready and extremely productive amid the Covid-19 crisis, when cities are on lockdown and masses are going into self-quarantine.

Here are the top 5 tips on Being Super Productive While Working From Home During Covid-19:

1) Daily Team Check-ins

Working under the same roof creates a network effect that pushes people to be productive (because everyone else is being productive). Daily team meetings help sustain the same effect by primarily answering 3 questions:
i) What have you achieved in the past 24 hours?
ii) What are you going to achieve in the next 24 hours?
iii) What blockers are you facing that you need help with?

Daily Check-ins not only keep you on your toes because you must have some updates for the past 24 hours, it makes the whole team accountable for each other, resulting in work being done. We use Zoom for all our internal and external meetings.

2) Using Virtual Workspaces or Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools have been very popular over the past years primarily to document work and collaborate on them inside a single app. At Integry, we use Convo and it works great for us. We have team group chats to discuss pressing matters, posts to get everyone’s opinions on items that require collaboration and a general sense of working with coworkers via notifications that let you know, “Everyone is working”

3) Make use of Project Management Tools, A lot!

We’ve all heard about them. Most of us use them. Just continue using them and pull them up via Screenshare in your project meetings to discuss progress, roadblocks, and ways forward. Some tools that we use here at Integry are:

1) Jira
Our Engineering teams love Jira. It’s like a Board created out of sticky notes but better & virtual.
2) Asana
Excellent for Internal as well as External Projects because it helps track everyone’s progress and gives you a timeline view (in addition to Kanban) to have an overview of your projects.

4) Flex Hours

Let’s face it. All of us here at Integry are a lot more productive than we were in a 9 to 5 situation because we work when we want (and we achieve our daily tasks). But not everyone functions in a flex environment. Test this out for your teams and see if there’s any positive or negative impact on their productivity. It is important to set one time for daily check-ins when all your team members are online!
In case you want to track your team’s hours, try using Toggl.

5) Promote a culture of enjoying work, virtually!

Integry is a B2B platform that gives you in-app Integration superpowers which is some VERY serious work – And we LOVE what we do. Primarily because the company culture promotes having fun.
People working in physical workspaces love sharing memes, jokes and fun stories with their coworkers over a cup of coffee everyday. Continue doing that, virtually. Even more so now, that Covid-19 has everyone down. Lead by example. Our CEO shares the funniest content on company-wide groups. Usually, his responses are hilarious Gifs (whenever appropriate of course). If you’re leading a team, don’t be afraid of being hilarious. If you just don’t have what it takes, appreciate good humor from other teammates. Promote a work culture where Emojis and Gifs are appreciated!

If you’re a B2B SaaS company interested in knowing more about Integry and the Integrations space, please reach out to us here!