6 Things Wrong With Integration Platforms and the Solution

February 8, 2021

Integrations are key to success for B2B SaaS apps. A user that has an integration setup with your app will have up to 60% lower churn.  So, how do you get more users to complete more integrations?

If you’re like most companies, you don’t have the manpower or budget to rollout custom 100+ integrations. Most companies use 3rd party integration platforms like Microsoft Flow, IFTTT, Zapier, Integromat etc. These are great platforms to get started with a large number of integrations. However, these are a terrible fit for your average user.

What’s Wrong with 3rd Party Integration Platforms?

There are a whole bunch of problems that users face when they have to use these platforms. Here’s a quick summary:

1. They leave your site: You have to ask users to leave your site and visit an external platform to setup the integration. This breaks experience and it’s a hassle.

2. Create yet another account: Users have to register themselves for the integration service. This means giving their contact information, setting up a password, verifying their email… ugh!

3. Pay yet another service: Most integration platforms are B2C, they make money by charging your users. They’ll even lock useful integrations behind a paid tier. In the process, you end up losing revenue.

4. Unfamiliar look and feel: Each platform has it’s own identity, it’s own layout and quirks which may be at odds with what your users come to expect from you. You don’t have any control over how things look when a user is creating an integration.

5. Figure out what’s an action, what’s a trigger, know HTML: This is the crazy part; users have to figure out what’s a trigger and what’s an action. They then have to map fields, they have to use templates and even HTML. Like we said, this is not meant for your average user.

6. Stuck? You can’t help: If your user gets stuck, you will literally have to ask them for their username and password for the integration platform. There’s no other way for you to troubleshoot their problem.

Sounds familiar? Read on for a solution to all of these problems.

Fixing this: rollout your own integrations?

Several years ago, while working at our previous B2B company, we faced these exact same problems. We didn’t like how the experience was on these 3rd party platforms so we ended up coding integrations ourselves by hand. This was a slow and expensive process. There are 100s of apps you can connect with, each bringing in the opportunity to pull in more customers and give you more exposure, you wouldn’t want to limit that reach.

Is there a better way?

We wanted to build a great solution to this. So, we left to start Integry. Here’s how we solved the above six problems:

1. They leave your site: Integry provides in-app, native integrations. Users never leave your site.

2. Create yet another account: Integry uses your own user system. No authentication needed.

3. Pay yet another service: Integry is B2B, we charge you for integrations and in turn, you can charge your users for integrations; helping you generate more revenue

4. Unfamiliar look and feel: Integry integrations have a fully customizable look and feel, making them indistinguishable from your own app. Your users will never notice Integry.

5. Figure out what’s an action, what’s a trigger, know HTML: Because of the highly customizable design, you can configure exactly what the user needs to enter and not a field more. By reducing extra fields and providing good defaults, you reduce the amount of decisions a user needs to take. This drastically cuts down on time they need to complete the integration.

6. Stuck? You can’t help: With Integry, you can help users with the integration at any stage of the process, you have full access to the integrations.

Get yourself up and running on Integry in as little as a day. Send us a message and we’ll put in the manpower to code Integry with your app and help set you up!