Au Revoir Demo Effect

At Integry, we’ve been doing demos since 2017. Many times we’ve faced issues during a live demo, such as page loading speed due to a temporary hiccup or the functionality not working as expected - infamously known as the “Demo Effect”

Demo Effect
Something unexpected goes wrong only when someone other than just oneself is seeing.
Source: Urban Dictionary

In 2022, when we sponsored SaaStr Annual, we thought it’d be great if we did live demos on an iPad at our booth. But it’s hard to do a live demo of an integration because it relies on connectivity and third-party apps and a lot can go wrong. We figured we’d record a video but a video is too impersonal. 

Hence, we thought, how about an interactive clickable prototype?
That’s when our first interactive demo on Figma was built. 

Since then, we’ve incorporated these demos built on Figma into our sales calls, and our prospects absolutely love the idea.

Figma, known for its collaborative design capabilities, isn't just for designers – it's a powerhouse for creating interactive product demos that showcase features seamlessly and eliminate the risks of live demos gone wrong.

Integry’s Interactive Demo

This demo gives you examples of integration experiences powered by Integry - (full screen it on top right for better experience)

Here's a GUIDE from Figma on using it's prototyping feature for creating product demos

How it has Benefited Us

Integry helps B2B SaaS companies roll out customer-facing integrations. Companies like Thryv, Brevo, Clickfunnels, and more roll out multiple integrations every day using Integry. 

But before a company decides to use Integry, it’s common for them to ask for a demo to imagine what the end-to-end journey would look like, which we gladly do on a 30 minutes call.

Our Figma demo showcases how our customers have embedded integrations inside their app with their own app’s look and feel. The interactive demo also showcases how integrations are listed inside our customers’ apps and the process of their end-users configuring and personlizing integrations and activating them, all within 2 minutes. 

Once our prospect has perspective on the end result, we then dive into Integry’s dashboard and give them a walk-through of how everything is built in a no-code manner, within a few minutes. 

Our customer facing teams are able to discover the client’s challenges and give them a walk-through, all within 30 minutes. 

If you’re also looking to scale integrations while saving bandwidth and time, reach out to us for a discussion or try integry for free

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