Build vs. Buy for Integrations

August 16, 2022

Yin-Yang Integrations!

Decisions are what make us human. The power to decide, to make a choice. The freewill. Netflix’s BlackMirror released an episode called “Bandersnatch” that revolves around the concept of decisions we make (a must watch, btw). The concept is, we can potentially end up in multiple different ways based on each decision we make. This piece is to support that process for you, to make an informed decision for your Integrations’ future.

When you know, you know

Competitors have a whole page filled with integrations. They are now categorizing their integrations because it’s starting to clutter. The shark in your space already has a dedicated domain called and your customers are now thinking if they made the right choice when they decided to go with you. You know you’ve gotta up your game. The goal isn’t to fight the shark, the goal is to Rule The Ocean!

What’s more powerful than a Shark?

Two Sharks…If they partner up!

You’ve been discussing integrations with the team. You’ve been calculating the cost and time for it. You believe you can do it. Great! Everyone can. But what’s the opportunity cost?

Building integrations internally is great. Your team learns, you control the elements and you get the finesse out of it that you imagined. But, your product suffers. You could have invested these resources in a new core feature, while the experts in the domain of integrations delivered more than what you originally planned.

To put things in perspective, here’s the time and resources it takes on average to build ONE integration:

What if the same amount of time and money could get you more than 10x more value, put you exactly where you need to be and just keeps making you better?

If you’re reading this, I’ll make the assumption that you’re already familiar with the term “iPaaS” or “Integration Platform as a Service” or “Connectors” etc.

Getting an iPaaS partner onboard might be the best decision you’ve taken for your app. An iPaaS company, or we, exist to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your in-app Integrations anymore. That’s our forte and we’re constantly making it better for you. It’s like, you’re a NASCAR contestant and we’re the PitStop guys. Fully prepared for when you need us, understand that time is of the essence and share a common goal of being ahead of everyone else. You know what else is common, a NASCAR driver does not micromanage the pitstop guys because they know what’s up!

My customers only need a handful of Integrations

For now, yes. But you don’t want them to tell you again what they want. They’ve done that once, you really want them to keep telling you what they need? The key is to offer the features that they don’t yet know they need.

With over 160 apps ready and new apps being added every week, you’ll discover that you and your customers need more than you thought. The best part, it’s a buffet! You take what you need, just when you need it or you take it all!

You guessed it right. We get you there, to The Dream! But that’s not it. Remember, The new apps every week I just mentioned? Yep, your marketplace keeps getting bigger and better, FASTER!

Why do we depend on you for new apps?

You don’t! You drive our roadmap. Need an app you don’t see on our website? No worries, shoot it over to us and we’ll add that to our roadmap. If you’re a Premium or Enterprise customer, you won’t even have to wait at all!

Still have doubts?

Communication solves that. Get in touch with us here