Get 30x More Users to Turn on Integrations

February 8, 2021

Here’s how to get your customers to increase their integration adaptation by 30x

If your app is not part of a user’s workflow, you’re not sticky enough. That’s dangerous and your app will get replaced by tools that have far less friction and work automatically. What you need are native integrations that connect your app with the user’s workflow.

Typically, to get integrations up and running for your app, you integrate with a 3rd party integration platform like Zapier, Microsoft Flow, or Integromat. You can now send your customers to these 3rd party sites and ask them to set up these up.

The problem is, these sites get really complex and they break the user’s flow. Not to mention they make money from your users by charging them. There are a lot of other issues with sending your users off to another site and we list 6 of those problems here.

Better, Native Integrations

Great integrations work right inside your app. They remove a lot of friction.

Before we started Integry, we were working on a B2B app with the same problem. We needed integrations so we went ahead and integrated with Zapier. A few months later we also integrated with Gmail natively, inside our app. After a few more months, we were looked at the numbers to see how each platform had performed.

There were 30X more integrations created natively than through Zapier

The above figures make sense because having the integration right inside the app would:

  1. Improve discovery: Users would find it much quickly
  2. Reduce Friction: They can set it up right inside the app without leaving
  3. Have fewer steps: because it was inside the app, users didn’t have to fill in extra information. Only the bare minimum

Native integrations outperformed Zapier even when Zapier integration has been around twice the time. Both were publicized equally in the app. We even had a Zapier “Guided Zap” for Gmail with step-by-step instructions. It still performed far worse.

Overall, the completion rate of native integrations was incredible

This was important because an integrated user is 60% more sticky. If we could have such remarkable results for our app, others could benefit from native integrations as well. To help other companies get their own native integrations we started Integry. The goal is to give you native, in-app integrations without you having to code them.

The idea is simple: sign up on integry, pick the integrations you need, customize them to your app, and embed them inside your app. That’s it. The integrations look like your app, just like a native integration. The users get the same native feel without you having to cod. That’s how you get a 30x better completion rate compared to your current Zapier integration.

We hope this helps and if you have any questions, hit us up on @integryhq or me on @nash