Making Changes to Live Integrations

April 27, 2024

Just like any product feature, your product integrations will continue to evolve. Making changes to a live integration used by hundreds of users can be tricky and involves a lot of manual work. 

How things used to be

Previously, when you needed to modify an existing flow, you had to create a copy, make the necessary changes, and then ask users to set up the new integration and disable the old one. This process was not only cumbersome but also disruptive for your users. Recognizing these pain points, we enhanced this process with Auto Update. 

Now, with Auto Update

With Auto Update, any changes you make can be automatically pushed to existing integrations. Integry will handle these changes for each integration, eliminating the need for manual work on your end.

Auto Update is particularly efficient for non-breaking changes. These are updates to steps that do not require new user input, such as changes to formatting, code, conditions, actions, or triggers on apps for which the user has already provided their credentials. This ensures a seamless transition without disrupting your users. 

While Auto Update is a powerful tool, it's important to note that it's best suited for non-breaking changes. For instance, if you need to make a breaking change, such as requiring new user information, you'll need to create a new version of your flow and ask users to set up the new integration. However, rest assured that your existing integrations will continue to function as usual. 

Getting Started

Your account already has Auto Update enabled. Simply navigate to any flow with live integrations, make your desired changes, and save. Your changes will be automatically propagated to associated integrations, making the process quick and effortless.