February 8, 2021

And with age comes wisdom. 2018 has been an extremely insightful year for us. We interacted with some brilliant minds from the B2B SaaS space and learned from them. Many of you put your trust in us and many others grew with us. As we move to 2019, we’d like to let you know that we heard you.

Today, we are announcing our new pricing, through which, we are delivering more while giving more flexibility to you. At the core, we have switched from User-based pricing to Task-based pricing. Here’s everything you need to know about our new Pricing:

What has changed?

For all of you who have been following us for a while now, we have updated our pricing from User-based to Task-based. Previously, we would charge you by the number of your users that have set up an integration via Integry, each user would have a soft limit of 10,000 monthly tasks.

We now offer, unlimited users. We do not limit you by the number of users anymore and you get to decide which and how many of your users enjoy seamless in-app integrations. Instead, you buy integrations by the task.

What does it mean for you?

If you have been considering one of Integry’s plans but you’re not sure if it would suffice for your user base, you now have more power over the distribution of your integrations. For example, if previously you considered our Growth plan which came with 200 integrated-users with a fair usage policy (1,000,000 tasks per month), now you get to expose the integrations throughout your user base at the same monthly task limit.

What happens if your users end up consuming more than the Task limit?

While we have the task limit in place for each plan, we never interrupt our service. Your end users continue to benefit from their integrations regardless of how many net tasks your users have consumed. To facilitate that, we have introduced Prorated Billing for the additional tasks consumed by your users. However, you still have full control over this as we give you complete transparency on your users and their task consumption through Insights. In addition, you get notified about the task consumption status and we advise you about various ways to achieve economies of scale, as you grow.

What else is “New” in the new pricing?

Apart from Unlimited users, we have made Integry more affordable for younger companies.

You can now get the starter plan for as low as $199/mo with unlimited users instead of $250 and 100 users. With our Starter plan, you can start building your app’s connection with Integry using the Self-Service portal, or we can do that for you.

Oh and also, we have added Two-Way Sync and have introduced Manual Integrations (an excellent way to push data to other apps whenever needed) across all pricing plans.

Finding a suitable plan

It is normal for a company to be unable to determine the exact Task usage estimates of their end users. But we’ve got you covered. You can set up a call with us and we’ll consider various factors to help you pick the best plan, based on a number of factors: such as your User Base, Type of your User Base, Number of Integrations on the roadmap etc.

Are there any other limitations?

The short answer is; No!

We do not limit you by the number of users, the number of apps or the number of workflows created. All our customers and their end users get access to all our existing and future apps. We want your users to make the most out of their integrations and create all the workflows that make sense to them.

What’s the catch?

This is a question everyone should ask. So we thought we’d put all our cards on the table for you. Complicated pricing with hidden charges suck. We believe in keeping it simple. The only formula we use to create your bill is:


We still have 4 base plans. Depending on the base plan you’re on, the price tag attached to it is the minimum you will be paying per month.

Additional Tasks

Each base plan comes with an allocated task limit

To give your customers seamless and uninterrupted experience, we charge you for additional tasks once your allocated monthly tasks are all consumed. To achieve economies of scale, as your task consumption grows, the price tag for the task brackets decrease. Here’s what it looks like:

Price per month

So to put things in perspective, here’s an example of a quarterly statement for Company X:

What if we want to continue with the User-Based pricing?

Even though we highly recommend that you consider switching to the new pricing, we’ll let you be the judge of that. If you’re an existing customer, you can continue with your existing pricing plans or choose to switch to the new pricing model. If you like the new model, please reach out to us at billing@integry.io to learn more and switch to the new equivalent of your existing plan.