We’re Updating our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

February 8, 2021

With the new & existing requirements for different regions, it was only apt to reflect the change we are all going through in our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. While change can mostly be a good thing, customers and other stakeholders need to understand what Policies and Terms are changed. We all know how painful it is to go through these documents and figure out how the change impacts you, so we’ve summarized it for you.

Privacy Policy

Our old Privacy Policy started with the words “Your privacy is critically important to us” and that bit has not changed. To protect your privacy even more, the elements we have added are summarized below:

  • Actual examples of the data we collect and how we use it. We’ve kept the examples simple for everyone to relate with.
  • Ever since we announced our GDPR compliance last year, the industry has learned more about how best to comply and we’re updating our GDPR to reflect even better tighter compliance.
  • Information about your Data Protection and Privacy Rights
  • Our Data retention process and uses.

And that’s about it. The above changes only strengthen our relationship with our current and potential customers and we care about y’all. In addition to the Privacy Policy, the changes made to the Terms of Service are summarized below:

Terms of Service

The structure of the Terms remains the same. We have enriched the content though. However, the new content only elaborates what we had already shared in the previous version of our ToS. Here’s a summary of what we have covered:

  • Responsibilities towards usage of our services
  • Intellectual property protection
  • A balanced and elaborate indemnity clause

Our new Privacy Policy & Terms of Service will go in effect from 15th Feb 2019. By continuing to use our service on or after the above date, you agree to the updated Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

If you still have concerns, you can reach out to us at hello@integry.io.

// Intercom