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Monitor and Troubleshoot Integrations

Notify users of issues, equip your support team with tools to quickly resolve configuration problems, and set up alerts for when anything breaks

Identify Issues Quickly

Get a unified view of all your users with highlighted issues for quick resolution

Search through any API request

Search for any needle in your haystack.

A time machine for user changes

View changes a user has made with their integration over time and trouble shoot them

Setup alerts, create tickets or run a workflow

Set up error notifications to get real-time alerts whenever something goes wrong

Automatically take actions

Create tickets, send a slack message when something goes wrong

Customize Slack Alerts

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Here are the answers

To add third-party integrations inside your app's workflow builder, please use App Actions.

Yes, you can use Integry with React, NuxtJS or any vanilla JS frontend. Learn more here.

Flows are priced by API call and a subscription fee. See details on the pricing page.

Yes, please visit the Integration Experience to learn more

Yes, Flows can do anything! They can import, export, sync data in either direction or both.

You can use all available apps from our portfolio. Any apps we add in the future are automatically added to your plan. See the full list of apps here.

Professional Service credits give you access to our expert team that analyzes, implements, and tests your integrations. We work to roll things out while you focus on your core product.

Absolutely. We commit to a SOW backed by a SLA to ensure high quality and timely delivery of your requests.

Certainly. If you are looking to utilize professional services credits for multiple integrations, we offer up to 20% discounts on bulk purchase of bundles. Get in touch to find out more about the professional service credits bundles

We've designed professional services to be purchased as credits and can be purchased on-demand.

Each professional services credit includes all planning, building, testing, launching and incorporating feedback in an end-to-end integration

If you’re a SaaS product with a list of apps you need to integrate with and some use-cases, you’re all set to get started. An API is optional, but nice to have!

Absolutely. You can white label a bunch of things that are end-user-facing.

Onboarding is included in your subscription fee, regardless of your plan. We ensure you're up and running fast with high-quality integrations.

Professional Service credits give you access to our expert team that analyzes, implements, and tests your integrations. We work to roll things out while you focus on your core product.

To keep things simple, our usage metric is Runs. Each time an integration executes and processes up to 1,000 records, that's 1 Run. We don't put silly limitations on how many users, integrations or connectors you can have.

Our pricing model is made up of three elements:

1. Subscription which includes platform fee and monthly Runs

2. Usage fee for the Runs you consume

3. Optional Professional Services if you want us to set things up for you

Here’s what our customers are saying about us

Gilles Bertaux

Integry helped us dramatically grow our Enterprise pipeline with short term actionable solutions, while empowering our Product team with valuable long term insights on integration usage!

Gilles Bertaux, CEO
Gehad Moeiza

Integry gives us a fast and easy way to include integrations with the Sendinblue app so customers can sync contacts from various platforms with ease.

Gehad Moeiza, Engineering Manager
Brandon Christman

No longer having to deal with connecting new integrations to our app and especially not having to worry about deprecated APIs.

Brandon Christman, Integration Success Manager
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Adeel Raza

Integry takes one big problem off our plate and lets us focus on the business instead. We don't have to worry about coding and maintaining third-party integrations.

Adeel Raza, CEO
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Fahd Rafi

Integry's ability to build an eco-system on top of your API is the best I've seen

Fahd Rafi, Chief Architect, Microsoft, California
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